If you are in need of an Emergency Water Leak Repair,
contact us immediately at (954) 367-7384

If you are in need of an Emergency Water Leak Repair, contact us immediately at (954) 367-7384

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    Money Down The Drain... Literally

    There are many types of water leaks that can occur in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a crack in a pipe or a hole in a water heater, the flow of wasted water is like money leaking out of your wallet. You can have many gallons of water lost daily due to a small drip. On average, a slow dripping faucet wastes over 7 gallons per day. If you were to have a more significant water leakage such as broken or cracked pipes, then you could be losing more than 30 gallons of water down the drain ever day. And we’re not talking about water gushing, but little pinhole leaks. Besides the amount of water loss, you may also notice a loss of water pressure in your house if you do not repair a water leak.

    Common home leaks include:

    Stop Water Leaks

    Now that we established how much of a financial detriment a water leakage can cause; we can agree to limit this expenditure one must repair a leaking pipe or reservoir. Repairing a leak can be done by replacing old metal piping with modern industry standard PVC pipes, replacing loose joints, installing new faucet aerators and handles, and sealing cracks in water heaters. Though, we do not recommend using hardware store leak sealers, repair tape, repair epoxy or repair kit, because it is like placing a band-aid on a much more severe problem.

    Find Water Leak

    Though Jax Plumbing does not offer water leak detection services, we can help you find water leaks. Sometimes a homeowner may have low water pressure and assume they have water leaking. The following steps will allow you to be sure you have a plumbing leak without having to hire costly leak detection companies:

    1. First, close all water faucets and spouts, inside and outside of your home.
    2. Find where the water main / water meter is located in your property. Verify if the water meter indicator is moving. There are different types of water meters, but they all have a form of showing movement. If there is any flow movement, chances are, there is leaking water.
    3. Alternatively, you could take a meter reading and wait a couple hours, then retake another reading of the water meter (making sure that there hasn’t been any water use during this time). If the reading at the water line is different from the initial reading, you have just detected a leak in your plumbing system without the need of hiring a specialist.

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    What To Do When You Have A Water Leak

    If you were able to detect water leaks in your system the next step is to contact a qualified plumbing leak repair service such as Jax Plumbing to fix the water leak. Though you may be aware of the leak, you may not know how to locate the water leak, but no need to worry about it. An experienced water leak specialist will take the proper steps to determine and pinpoint the leakage whether it’s a drip, crack, or hole and whether the water leak is outside the house or inside the home. Each type of leak has its own outgoing loss and its own solution. Let’s go through some exposures and the steps to repair the problems.

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      Call Now: (954) 367-7384

      Give us a brief description of the leak:

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      Slab Leaks

      The term “slab leak” or “look leak” is the industry lingo used when describing a leak that has occurred in usually old copper water lines that are found under the concrete foundation of a structure. This should be considered as emergency leak repair and you should stop reading and call us immediately. When these same types of leaks are above ground, such as water leaks in walls or in the ceiling, they are called “pinhole leaks”. These types of leaks are often a result of long-term corrosion to copper pipes found in older homes and you should look for a 24 hour emergency plumbing repair who specializes in emergency copper pipe repair. Though, a water leak under the slab can be quite an expensive repair, we may recommend closing off the existing pipes using flexible and durable PEX piping if the leaks are hard to reach (as it may be difficult to find a water leak underground) instead of a complete pipe replacement that can end up costing thousands of dollars when you factor in the opening and replacing of floors of the foundation.

      Hot Water Heater Leak

      A leaking water heater may seem like a little problem, but it can quickly turn into a big financial burden. Even a small drip of water can cause mold and damage to floors and walls. Sometimes water heater leaks aren’t as big as they may at first seem. If this is the case, it can often be easily fixed, but first, you’ll need to detect the cause. Is it leaking from the top or the bottom? Is it the supply or outgoing line? Is it the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (T&P Valve)? Is the water heater tank punctured? Depending on the type of leak an appropriate solution should be performed in response to the specific problem. Replacing the water lines, sealing a crack in the tank and if all else fails replacing and installing of a new Hot Water Heater may be the recommended option.

      Bathroom Leak Repair

      Bathroom leaks can come from many various places. You have showers, tubs, sinks, double sinks, faucets, toilets, bidets. Each of these have their own drains, pipes and fixtures. With each they have their own problems and unique solutions.

      Toilet Leak
      The bathroom leak we see the most, yet the hardest detected by the regular homeowner is the toilet leak. Toilet leaks occur because there’s a problem with the flush valve at the bottom of the tank. If the ball or flapper doesn’t have a watertight seal, water will drip into the bowl. The second most seen culprit of toilet leaks come from an issue with the ballcock valve. When the ballcock is improperly set and doesn’t completely close, water continues to flow into the tank. Leaking Toilet Fix: Both of these issues can be solved by replacing the faulty parts or properly adjusting the settings to work efficiently. If you tried the steps above and the toilet tank keeps leaking, contact your local plumbing professional to determine the cause.

      Another common problem is newly installed toilets tend to leak from the bolts or toilet bowl leaking at base when they aren’t installed correctly. Usually this caused by homeowners who thought it was a DIY project. The homeowner may have thought they would save money by doing it themselves, but it turns out to cost them more to fix. Always hire a qualified plumber to do the job correctly the first time.

      Sink Leak
      Next we have the Bathroom Sink Leak. To fix a leak under bathroom sink first the issue must be found. The dripping of water may be found under the sink basin, but the issue may be detected from various parts such as the caulking between the sink and the vanity, the faucet stem base and the sink, the connection between the sink drain and the pipe, the p-trap connection, the water line connection to the hot and cold water. Each of these problems have their own solution.

      A slow bathroom sink dripping might seem harmless, but it may cause much destruction such as mold by keeping moisture and dampness on the wood. Also, it’s an unneeded added cost to your water bill. You should always fix a leak under bathroom sink as soon as it is noticed.

      Dripping Faucets and Shower Heads
      Other leaks found in the bathroom that might have a simple solution come from faucets and shower heads. Usually common brands such as Kohler, Moen, Delta and American Standard just need to replace the aerator or head for the quickest and cheapest fix. To fix a dripping bathroom sink faucet simply unscrew the fixture end and screw in the new aerator that can be found at your local hardware store or plumbing supply house. This should stop a dripping faucet.

      Shower heads won’t have an aerator, but can be fixed by unscrewing the end, replacing the washer gasket and applying Teflon plumbing tape on the pipe screw.

      We also offer tub and shower pan leak repair. We do it all.

      Kitchen Sink Leak Repair

      Kitchen Sink Leaks Repairs can be very tricky to fix if you do not have the proper equipment. A basin wrench is used to get into tight places and unscrew the lug nuts that tie the water lines into the faucet handles, water sprayers and water dispensers. A leak can be developing at the base of the faucet or the valve stems. These leaks can be fixed by replacing the gaskets. Drain pipes can be the caused, but will only be seen while in use and not a constant drip where you see dampness all the time. If there was any metal piping an inspections would be conducted to see if any rot or rust is present. If there is the pipes should be replaced with plastic PVC pipes. If you already have plastic piping and you see leaking, you can try to finger tighten it to see if that solves the issue.

      Food Disposal Leak
      Whether you call it a Garbage Disposal or Food Disposal they both are under your kitchen sink. Do you have a bucket under your sink because the Garbage Disposal Leaking Water? Usually the cause of disposal leaks are from the seal of the pipe joint found on the side, the actual pipe may have a crack or the gasket seal between the food disposal and the sink has worn out and must be replaced. If the Food Disposal is leaking directly from the bottom, there could be a malfunction with the actual system and it may be cheaper to just replace the machine.

      Leak Repair Service
      Hire An Expert For A Permanent Solution

      In conclusion, we have established that even a simple drip from a faucet or hot water heater is as serious as an underground pipe burst resulting in thousands of dollars in damages or wasted money in your water bill. You must detect, locate and repair water leaks in your house and treat them as an emergency. Find a local and experienced plumbing service such as Jax Plumbing that specializes in plumbing leak repairs. Whether it’s a leaking pipe repair in your home or business, we service all cities in Broward County including Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Plantation, Miramar and all surrounding areas. We also serve northern cities of Dade County Florida which include Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura. We’re the master when it comes to fix a leak and we know how important it is. Give us a call right now to save money, because the longer you wait the more money will go down the drain.

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