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If you are in need of an Emergency Clog Repair, contact us immediately at (954) 367-7384

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    Slow Drains are a Sign of a Big Problem Coming Fast

    A plumbing stoppage caused by a clogged drain and or blocked sewer line can be frustrating and sometimes very expensive for an owner. So how do you even know if you have a clog and what do you do about it? You house will talk to you. No, you aren’t suppose to be the House Whisperer and your house isn’t haunted, but you will hear the signals. If you hear gurgling noises coming from your toilet when it is flushed or water bubbling from the shower when the washing machine is being used, then you may have clogged sewer lines.

    First let’s go through some common backups and their signs.

    1. Toilet Backing up with overflowing water over the bowl.
    2. Garbage Disposal Backing up accompanied by a bad smell.
    3. Kitchen Sink Backing up with slow draining water.
    4. Septic Tank Backup with closest bathroom drain not draining.
    5. Sewer or Main Line Stoppage the whole house has an issue draining.
    6. Water backing up into the bathtub when the toilet is flushed.

    These are some of the signals that you may have a blocked main sewer drain line — a serious plumbing stoppage. Store bought uncloggers, pipe cleaners and drain openers may be persuasive to try as an economical solution to unclog a slow drain, but unfortunately, none of these products or home-remedies will work for any serious problems listed above. Only a professional plumber with the correct tools can repair a clogged line.

    Putting off a clogged sewer drain line can affect the plumbing throughout the entire system of the property. In severe cases, raw sewage may back up out of the drains.

    What are the Causes of a Clogged Sewer Drain Line

    Many times in older houses, tree roots can grow towards pipes due to the warm moisture. Eventually the roots can break the underground pipes and grow into the pipe itself. As the roots keep growing they create a blockage in the sewer line. Resulting in toilet paper or other debris getting caught on the on the roots. This blocks the flow of water through the main sewer drain line.

    Other causes of a backed up main line can simply be the flushing of sanitary products, such as wipes, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products or even paper towels, can also clog your sewer line. Though, this is unlikely the problem. Assuming these type of items make it far enough through the system, sewer pipes are usually half-a-foot in diameter.

    Signals of a Clogged Sewer

    How do I know if I have a clogged pipe?

    Look out for these warning signs of a backed up or clogged main line, so you can solve the issue before it turns into an expensive emergency.

    Drains run slow – even after you try to clean them. If you have tried all of the Do It Yourself unclogging tips on the Internet and still cannot find a solution, it’s likely the stoppage is in your sewer line.

    More than one plumbing fixture is clogged – at the same time. If the sink in the kitchen and the toilet are backed up, you may have a blocked sewer line. Toilets have the biggest drain line as well as a direct route to the sewer line. If the backup is in the sewer line, you’re likely to see trouble with the toilet before any other drain. On the other hand, if toilets are draining while other fixtures are slow to drain or backed up, you probably don’t have a stoppage in your main sewer line.

    After flushing the toilet, water backs up – into the shower or tub. If a sewer line is blocked, water can’t drain. Instead, it will flow back up into the pipes and come out the lowest drain, this is usually the shower drain.

    If the toilet gurgles – after running water in the bathroom sink. Bubbling occurs when air is trapped in the pipe system. Run water in the sink that is closest to the toilet for 60 seconds. If the toilet gurgles or the water level rises in the toilet, then you probably have a blocked sewage line.

    If the washing machine drains – the toilet overflows or water backs up in shower or tub. This is and all signs listed above need to be addresses immediately or it become a serious problem in the near future.

    Ways on how to Unclog a Sewer Line

    Good news, you can take action to repair your plumbing system to proper state of functionality.

    Release the pressure by opening the clean-out line. Usually this is a short, white pipe with a screw-on cap. Remove the cap. This will drain any water that has backed up into your home.

    Drain cleaning products. If roots are causing the sewer line stoppage, chemicals can remove them. Copper sulfate can be flushed down the toilet to kill tree roots, but you have to repeat the process many several times to clear the blockage. *Copper Sulfate is NOT SAFE for Septic Systems and its use is prohibited in some locations.

    Auger the drain. Jax Plumbing have tools for unplugging main sewer drain lines. The most effective is a flexible cable that’s popularly known as the drain snake. A professional auger or snake is often power-assisted. Depending on the clog, we might use a truck-mounted auger. It would be inserted into the sewage pipe in sections until the plumber reaches and breaks apart the blockage. We might even use a high-pressure water jet to break the debris down the main line.

    While these machines can be rented and do it yourself, these tools can damage pipes if used incorrectly. Clearing a clogged sewer line is a job best left to an experienced professional.

    Camera inspection in severe cases. If the snake or water jet can’t unplug the sewer drain, we offer a camera inspection to visually determine what is causing the blockage. The camera can show breaks and cracks in the drain pipe, as well as issues in the pipe.

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    Jax Plumbing is an expert in unclogging slow drains and sinks for bathrooms and kitchens as well as repairing blocked sewer lines that cause an entire system stoppage. We service South Florida, Broward County cities include: Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Plantation, Miramar and all surrounding areas. We also serve northern cities of Dade County Florida which include Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura. Give us a call today. Jax Plumbing – Your Plumbing Authority.

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